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Bonus: Chef Martin Recipe + Activities

Prepare Chef Martin’s Berry Tasty Mexican Flan, and get your little ones involved in the kitchen!   This bonus recipe features step-by-step instruction and an array of learning activities to engage your little chef throughout the cooking process. Just like all the original recipes in the…

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Let’s Make Apple Pie!

  Over the Labor Day weekend we visited Eckert’s Farm for their annual AppleFest.   The boys had so much fun searching the trees for the perfect additions to our pie. Of course, we had to so some taste testing. Jonathan apples are fantastic. The Jonathan apple is a…

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Kitchen Club Kids® Confetti Pasta Salad

♥ Recipe from Marianne featured in St. Louis Magazine’s Bento Box Challenge. Get the kids involved in the kitchen at an early age, and start cooking up a healthy appreciation for the foods they eat!   Here are some great ideas to keep your little…

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CheezCrunch Chicken Nuggets

How do you get two rambunctious boys excited about making dinner? Make cooking it incredible (hulk-y).     We recently experimented with a new breading idea for homemade chicken nuggets that ended up being a smash. Introducing, CheezCrunch Chicken Nuggets. Starting with two, thawed chicken breasts,…

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Fall is here, and the kids are restless.

3 SUREFIRE DESTINATIONS to make your day with the kiddos a learning adventure.  Just because the summer is over and the big kids are back in school doesn’t mean that life slows down a single bit. But, there is something refreshing about the brisk morning air…

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