We love to cook up great learning experiences for our little ones through recipe-adventure stories and activities!


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Kitchen Club Kids, Eluka Moore

Eluka Moore

Full-Time Mom & Cooking Instructor (day)
Kitchen Club Kids Co-Creator & Word Chef (night)

With a curious, three-year old in the house each day is a new adventure. Filled with lots of learning opportunities and hugs, the ability to closely watch my son explore his surroundings is nothing short of remarkable.

For me cooking is both a family tradition and a creative outlet. I love to cook with a variety of ingredients, and I always put a little twist on traditional recipes. I started cooking at a young age with my parents. Now that I am a mom, I’m more focused on cooking healthfully. I want to teach my son the importance of eating nutritious, well-balanced meals.

For over twelve years I worked as a marketing professional, developing campaign strategies for a variety of well-known consumer brands. Today, Kitchen Club Kids allows me to bridge my professional experience with my love for cooking and education. My hope is that our books give parents a reason to start cooking with their children and experience all the wonderful learning opportunities it has to offer.


Kitchen Club Kids, Marianne Welsh

Marianne Welsh

Advertising Professional (day)
Kitchen Club Kids Co-Creator & Word Chef (night)

With three, adventurous, little eaters in the family we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They do a lot of chopping, stirring, blending, sifting and, of course, spilling. But, they love being part of the action as much as I love encouraging them. Ask my son to play guess the secret ingredient, and you’d better be ready totaste a cupcake with a pinch of red pepper. He loves to “fool” us with his recipe additions.

Ultimately, I hope our kitchen time teaches the kids to appreciate the foods they put in their growing bodies. I think kids should be exposed to a variety of foods. It’s good for them to see how simple, fresh ingredients can be used to make delicious, healthy foods.

Even though I’m currently working in the advertising industry, Kitchen Club Kids has allowed me to tap into my roots in education. My first job as a kindergarten teacher and later as a child behavior therapist continue to fuel my passion for children’s books.


Kitchen Club Kids, Kristen Gau

Kristen Gau

Senior Designer & Illustrator (day)
Kitchen Club Kids Co-Creator & Picture Chef (night)

As a mom of three, I’ve been completely enthralled by the inquisitiveness and creativity of my little ones. With my husband and I both working full-time jobs dinnertime is normally our family time. Whether we’re preparing the meal or sitting and enjoying the end result, we love the experience of being together.

My preschooler enjoys measuring, scooping and pouring. And, my toddler just wants to do everything like her big brother … well, almost. She has a serious aversion to vegetables, which means we have to get seriously creative at disguising healthy foods! I hope that Kitchen Club Kids books inspire parents to embrace all the hands-on learning opportunities in daily life, especially in the kitchen.

When I’m not helping create finger paint and Play-Doh masterpieces, you can find me in front of my Mac. I’ve been an art director working in the St. Louis advertising industry for over a decade – designing, illustrating and exploring digital new media for some of America’s most recognized brands.


Kitchen Club Kids, Larry Puzniak

Larry Puzniak

Marketing Consultant (day)
Kitchen Club Kids Co-Creator & Word Chef (night)

The kitchen isn’t always my cooking domain, but it’s where most of our family time is spent. I prefer the open flame of the classic Weber kettle. That’s probably why my son’s first word after “Dada” and “Mama” was “hot,” which he whispers holding his hand out. The little guy’s favorite perch is on the kitchen counter as my wife and I prepare meals. It gives him a good seat to take in all the action and get involved as best he can. He even has some pretty wicked knife skills for a pre-schooler.

For me, the Kitchen Club Kids storybooks are an opportunity to apply count-and-identify lessons, making the learning real … real tasty. So, don’t be surprised if a “grill creations” adventure shows up in the collection at some point.

My favorite part of this venture is that it gives me the chance to bring the best of my professional career and personal life together, utilizing my brand savvy and communications skills to create ways to “dad” healthier and smarter.


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Bread and Butter Publishing, LLC is the independent publishing company that created Kitchen Club Kids with the intent to teach young children, basic counting, food and color recognition, while working on the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills. Through books like Kitchen Club Kids, Bread and Butter Publishing works to help make meal time a learning experience that families can share together and encourage healthy eating habits among young kids.