The Kitchen Club Kids recipe-discovery collection was created to build foundational learning skills and positively impact childhood nutrition through the art of cooking with little chefs. 

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Our team is made up of four parents and friends who share common passions for family time and the art of cooking. Among us, we have ten, little home-chefs in training, and we realize that quality kitchen time has already helped shape their attitudes about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

We all believe the kitchen is a great place for teaching many valuable lessons. From counting and colors to food exploration and critical thinking, our hope is that the Kitchen Club Kids® books give parents a reason to get cooking, have fun and pass along the value of healthy eating to their children at a young age.

Our hope is simple: We want to inspire fellow parents to cook with their children, experience all the hands-on learning opportunities the kitchen offers, and pass along the value of eating well to the next generation.

With Kitchen Club Kids, your children will go from learning numbers and colors as a toddler, growing into counting and word comprehension, then joining you in the kitchen for hands-on cooking activities that promote healthy eating habits as a preschooler and early-elementary learner.

Our kids are our passion, but the community gives us purpose.

Our wish is that Kitchen Club Kids can instill a love for healthy eating at an early age and work to make meal time more of a learning experience that families can share.

For us, a big part of sharing is giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play. With this in mind, Bread + Butter Publishing has been a proud supporter of local food-based charities. Every year, we donate proceeds from our book sales and spend time to help put food on the tables of those who find themselves in difficult situations.

If you represent a food-based charity or organization and would like to talk about how Kitchen Club Kids might be able to help, please email us.

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