Chef Series: Caryn Dugan STL VEG Girl

Chef Series: Caryn Dugan STL VEG Girl

Posted by Larry Puzniak in Recipes, Snack

Prepare STL VEG Girl’s  Delicious Farro Granola Bites, and get your little ones involved in the kitchen!


As part of the Kitchen Club Kids® Chef Series, we invited Caryn Dugan, the founder of STL VEG Girl to share one of her many delicious recipes with us. Farro is quickly gaining popularity as the next “super” grain that should be part of your diet. This tender grain which is similar to rice, has a mild flavor and softer texture which is perfect for kids. STL Veg Girl has whipped up a tasty sweet snack that is not only nutritious but is a no-bake recipe, so parents and little chefs can easily get in the kitchen to create together and have some fun!


Farro Granola Bites


Caryn says: Recently, I was invited to created a recipe for Kitchen Club Kids and they requested a farro recipe aimed toward kiddos 3-5 years old. I’m a big fan of having healthy snacks around the house and what kid (big or small!) doesn’t like a sweet snack that you can eat with your hands? So, the no-bake farro granola bites were born. Farro, a highly nutritious ancient grain, along with whole rolled oats, pack a fiber punch. The sweetness comes solely from whole dates, so no added sugar in these snacks as well. As for including your little one in on the fun of making these, the notes are in the recipe. Have fun!

Learn how to make these delicious snacks here!

22 Mar 2017