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Yes, we love food.

But our families and our community are pretty high on the list, too.

Our team is made up of four parents who share a common passion for family time and the art of cooking. Among us, we have seven little chefs in total, and we realize that quality kitchen time has already helped shape their attitudes about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

We all believe the kitchen is a great place for teaching many valuable lessons. From counting and colors to food exploration and critical thinking, our hope is that the Kitchen Club Kids books give parents a reason to get cooking, have fun and pass along the value of healthy eating at a young age.


Kristen Gau

Picture Chef

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Eluka Moore

Word Chef

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Larry Puzniak

Word Chef

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Marianne Welsh

Word Chef

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Our children
are our passion,
but the community is our purpose.

Our wish is that Kitchen Club Kids can instill a love for healthy eating at an early age and work to make meal time more of a learning experience that families can share.

For us, a big part of sharing is giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play. With this in mind, Bread + Butter Publishing is a proud supporter of local food-based charities. Every year, we will donate proceeds from our book sales to help put food on the tables of those who find themselves in difficult situations.



Sharing, Supporting and Giving at FAST (Foster Adoptive Support Team) Food Pantry

At the beginning of 2014, eight months into our business, the team spent an afternoon at the FAST Pantry. This amazing organization in St. Charles, MO supports foster and adoptive families raising children in the state’s care. What’s great about FAST (Foster Adoptive Support Team) is that they are truly looking out for the well being of the kids. The volunteers who make it all happen were inspiring. Their efforts help put fresh and healthy foods on the tables of families who need extra help.

All of the foods at the pantry are donated from grocery stores, restaurants and businesses in the area. They offer everything from the kitchen essentials to special gifts for children with upcoming birthdays. Plus, they have a supervised, onsite playroom and outdoor playground right next door so parents can shop the pantry while their kids are safely being entertained! It’s hard to believe that the entire operation began in Vicki’s garage not to long ago.

On the afternoon we helped run groceries, Operation Food Search had volunteers on site cooking pumpkin pancakes as well. Not only did this make the playroom smell great, but they were giving away samples with recipe cards. Operation Food Search is also a big supporter of FAST. And, you can see their passion boiling over when it comes to helping children eat healthier.

Overall, our team wishes we could have given more. Our modest donation and afternoon volunteering was just a drop in the bucket compared to the impact FAST is making in their members’ lives. But, the silver lining is that as we grow so will our contribution to the tireless souls who make it their mission to help those in need. Thank you to everyone at FAST who made us feel welcome (even if we were kind of in the way from time to time). We were happy to be able to fill in when needed.

If you would like to support this passionate and caring organization, you can contact Vicki Houska (Phone: 636-947-7519) to make a donation. Or, find out more information, here.



These books are great gifts for moms who you know will be sharing their love for cooking and healthy eating with their kids at a young age.

- Heidi Hoffman | Chicago, IL