Meet Chef Martin Lopez

Meet Chef Martin Lopez

Kitchen Club Kids® and Chef Martin Lopez to Raise Awareness about
Child Nutrition through the Art of Cooking!




Chef Martin was born in Mexico City to an Italian mother, and the versatility of ingredients was shown to Martin at an early age. At the age of seven, he was already part of the kitchen household responsibilities, and his passion for cooking was ignited. Having three brothers and three sisters made for a large family, and with European traditions it goes without saying that there was a lot of cooking going on in the household. Chef Martin fell in love with the art of cooking from a very early age as he endured different tasks assigned to him. His mother, his inspiration and teacher, along with the rest of his family were both his highest critics and supporters.

It is this passion for cooking, the fundamental learning opportunities it offers and the memories it can create that brings Kitchen Club Kids and Chef Martin Lopez together. Our hope is that we can inspire others to turn to the kitchen to make their lives better in the long run. 

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“We are excited to have Chef Martin as an ambassador for Kitchen Club Kids. His expertise and flair are essential as we work to encourage parents to cook with their children and experience all the hands-on learning opportunities found in the kitchen. It is my personal belief that an introduction to healthy, real foods and basic cooking concepts at a young age will help shape our children’s desire to eat better and continue cooking as they enter adulthood. Chef Martin’s overall passion for cooking and his desire to pass down the skills he developed early on in his own family are just two of the many reasons we think the partnership will flourish,” says Moore, co-founder of Kitchen Club Kids.

Recently, Kitchen Club Kids and Chef Martin teamed up as part of the Bite Cook’s Demo Stage at Bite of Seattle in mid-July. Chef Martin got the kids involved during one of his cooking demonstrations at the event, sharing his love and excitement for cooking with future chefs.

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