Kitchen Club Kids, Recipe-Discovery Collection

Kitchen Club Kids®
Recipe-Discovery Collection

There’s really no other children’s cooking collection that promotes healthy eating habits, fundamental learning opportunities and recipe building skills like Kitchen Club Kids.

Experts say one of the best ways to help children develop problem-solving skills is to cook together. As parents ourselves, we’ve experienced many great teaching opportunities in the kitchen with our little ones. It’s from this love of food, fun and sharing that Kitchen Club Kids was created. We believe that our stories foster learning interactions and an appreciation for the foods we eat. Focusing on basic counting, colors, food recognition and critical thinking, you can experience the lessons of the kitchen in any room of your home.

Each storybook introduces a real recipe that can be prepared in the kitchen by cooks of any caliber. So, whether you’re reading with your child before mealtime or before bedtime, Kitchen Club Kids turns story time into a culinary, learning adventure.

Kitchen Club Kids recipe-discovery collection is also a great gift for expecting moms and foodie friends with young kids, offering an array of learning activities. The colorful illustrations and layered learning opportunities on each page will keep your child’s interest from beginning to end. And, because “sharing” is one of our core values, we encourage you to share Kitchen Club Kids with your friends and family, too.

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Honors & Awards

Creative Child Magazine, Creative Child Awards, 2014 Book of the Year Award, Kitchen Club Kids, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

“The 2014 Creative Child Awards panel of judges, consisting of moms and educators, has awarded Garden Safari Vegetable Soup the 2014 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD and End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad the 2014 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD in the Healthy Eating Books for Kids category. Congratulations!”

– 2014 Creative Child Awards Program

“It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Kitchen Club Kids® End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad and Garden Safari Vegetable Soup have been named among the best in family-friendly products. Your books have both been awarded GOLD in the Children’s Picture Books Cooking & Food category. Congratulations!”

– Moms Choice Awards® Support Team
NIEA, National Indie Excellence Awards, WINNER, Kitchen Club Kids, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

“Congratulations! Kitchen Club Kids® End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad truly embodies the excellence that the NIEA was created to celebrate. We salute you and your fine work!”

– Ellen Reid | President & CEO, National Indie Excellence Awards
Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, First Place, 1st Place, Kitchen Club Kids, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

“Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad won 1st Place in the Children’s Picture Book (5 & Younger) category. The book received a perfect score of 80 points! Also, one of the judges said she wanted to show the book to a fellow teacher at her school because they are starting a cooking program.”

– 2013 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards
Robin Miller, Food Network, Chef, Author, Recipe Book

“I adore everything about this book. It’s incredibly colorful, fun, educational, and it provides the ultimate bonding opportunity for parents of young children. I wish End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad was available when my boys were young.”

– Robin Miller | Food Network Host, Best-Selling Cookbook Author and Nutritionist
TheToyMan, Award Winning Children's Books, Best of 2013, Kitchen Club Kids, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

“Out of 718 products considered for this year’s list, Kitchen Club Kids™ End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad rose to the top and was selected by an independent board of industry experts for The Toy Man® News & Reviews Fifty Best Products of 2013.

– The Toy Man® | 50 Best Products of 2013
Kitchen Club Kids, Nutritionist Approved, Dietitian Approved, Lori Post, LD, RDN

“This book series provides a great foundation for establishing lifelong healthy eating habits while building math and reading skills. Teaching today’s children about the importance of making nutritious food choices is a vital component to growing a healthy body. The quality time parents invest in the kitchen with their kids to make these recipes is priceless!”

– Lori Post | Licensed and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Kitchen Club Kids, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad, Purple Dragonfly, Book Award, Award Winning, Children's Books, Age 5 and Younger, 2014, Healthy Eating, Teaching, Award Winner

“The judges of the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest have spoken, recognizing Kitchen Club Kids® End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad for excellence in children’s literature with an Honorable Mention in the Children’s Storybook 5 & Younger category.”

– 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards presented by Five Star Publications


About Lori Post, LD, RDN: Licensed and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. From the greater Minneapolis area, Lori is the owner of Nutrition Matters by Lori Post, LLC.  She currently consults with Edina Public Schools to promote better student nutrition, health and wellness within the District and her community.





Take a look at all the moms, teachers and bloggers who have brought the Kitchen Club Kids® recipe-adventure storybook series into their lives. A special thanks goes out to each and every one of you!


Slapdash Diaries

Slapdash Diaries

“What’s cute about these books is that they incorporate counting, healthy eating, and the cooking process,  written out in fun-to-read rhyme. We’ve seriously read Garden Safari Vegetable Soup and End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad every single day since receiving them.  I’ve heard Ella talking to herself about kiwi (“the flavor can’t be beat!”) And the other night she asked for seconds on veggies which has happened exactly….zero times before. Never. So my guess is we’ve got  Garden Safari to thank for that one!”

MORE: www.slapdashdiaries.com


Modern Homeschool Family



Modern Homeschool Family

We read ‘End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad’ the same day we got it in the mail. The book was great and the illustrations were beautiful. My kids (3 and 4 years old) loved the colorful rhyming story and how fun and easy it made cooking sound.

MORE: www.modernhomeschoolfamily.com

mama on a green mission

Mama on a Green Mission

The book is educational in that it counts items from 1-10 and my kids LOVE counting the featured item on each page. It also indicates the color of the item, which is great for my younger two who are still perfecting their colors. The book always keeps them interested.

MORE: www.mamaonagreenmission.com


mom wife foodie

Mom Wife Foodie

Both books have an endless amount of learning opportunities from the rhyming words and the colorful illustrations to the counting of ingredients and recipe building! These books are where it’s at.

MORE: www.momwifefoodie.com


A Grande Life, Kitchen Club Kids, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup, Cooking with Kids, Kids Recipes, Soup

A Grande Life

It’s been cold and rainy the past few days which means it’s the perfect time to make some soup! We grabbed our Garden Safari Vegetable Soup book and got to cooking!

MORE: www.agrandelife.net


The Creative Kitchen, Kitchen Club Kids, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup, Healthy Eating for Kids, Child nutrition, kids cookbook

The Creative Kitchen

From the Eyes of a Parent: Garden Safari Vegetable Soup is a great book for my youngest kids. It reads like their favorite storybook, while gently encouraging healthy eating! The illustrations are delightful and vibrant, which made my little ones even more excited about making the soup!

MORE: www.thecreativekitchen.com


Gravity Bread, Kitchen Club Kids, Healthy Eating, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

Gravity Bread

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup by Kitchen Club Kids is a wonderful book to teach your child healthy eating, help build vocabulary, and work on sequencing through cooking. The Kitchen Club Kids created books to help children get involved in the kitchen and created simple stories that incorporated rhyming words, an engaging story, bright clear illustrations and a recipe in the end.

MORE: www.gravitybread.com

preschool activity, vegetable soup, kids, children, cooking, healthy eating, Kitchen Club Kids, Garden Safari, Vegetable Soup, teaching 2 and 3 year olds

Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

Because our preschool is only a few hours long, we [prepared the Garden Safari Vegetable Soup] in two steps. I added the chicken broth and put the soup in the crockpot and served it the following day. We all loved this delicious soup! The children proudly pointed out what they brought as we ate. You know it’s good when they ask for seconds!

MORE: www.teaching2and3yearolds.com

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

On the third and final day [of circle time activities], we made a real fruit salad. I sent a note home asking each child to bring specific fruit to preschool. As it arrived, we sorted them. The preschoolers love showing me the fruit that they brought! This is one of the reasons I often ask for the children to contribute to our cooking activities. I’ve found it to be much more meaningful when they get to bring something from home. We assembled this salad during our circle time. I was able to read the story again as we took turns placing our fruit into a big bowl.

MORE Circle Time Activity Ideas FOR PRESCHOOLERS: www.teaching2and3yearolds.com

the nutrition experts, thenutritionexperts.com, Kitchen Club Kids, healthy eating habits, for children, preschoolers, kindergarteners

The Nutrition Experts

Between the ages of 3 and 6 all children in all cultures form their ideas about food. The opinions and attitude they form toward food will influence what they eat for the rest of their lives. To help young children form positive attitudes about food, Kitchen Club Kids has developed recipe-based, children’s picture books aimed at preschool and kindergarten children.

MORE: www.thenutritionexperts.com

Kidville, Voices from the Ville, Kitchen Club Kids, Book Review, End of the Rainbow, Fruit Salad, Garden Safari, Vegetable Soup, Giveaway


These books are a great way to expose your kiddos to new fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before. After reading this book we currently have blue potatoes at our house! It also encouraged me to get out of our produce rut. I realized that neither of my boys have ever tried papaya!

MORE: www.blog.kidville.com

Read at Home Mama, Book Review, Kitchen Club Kids Garden Safari Vegetable Soup, Joshua's Bookshelf, Erin, @readathomemama

Read-at-Home Mama

I came across this book on the New Title Showcase at BEA and immediately had to have it. I knew Joshua would love it as much as I do — and here’s why: the story is told in simple rhymes with some cooking terminology to discuss, there are lots of delicious (and healthy!) foods and colors to identify, and each page presents an opportunity to count something!

MORE: www.readathomemama.com

STL VEG GIRL, Kitchen Club Kids, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup, Book Review, Healthy Eating, Children's cookbooks

STL Veg Girl

We begin with a tot banging a pot – We’re on a mission – all kids – to the kitchen! (As a big Dr. Seuss fan, the rhyming in this edition reeled me in.)  As the previous book did, this one too, counts to ten and when you reach the end, you realize, you’ve not only been educated as to where the food comes from and how to use it, but that you’ve ultimately read a recipe.
MORE: www.stlveggirl.com

Little Adventures Preschool Banner

Little Adventures Preschool

We had so much fun with this book in our preschool class. It paired perfectly with our conversation about fruit and our math theme of representing quantities and numbers with numerals.  We were able to talk about our favorite fruits, name the colors of the fruits and practice naming numerals and counting to ten.

MORE: www.littleadventurespreschool.blogspot.com


A Periodic Table

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

If you have a totally picky kid like mine, or you have kids that will eat any and every vegetable or fruit you put in front of them, I’d recommend this little Kitchen Club Kids series: they are Wee One approved, and that’s big. And they have a pretty broad age range, in my opinion: great for little baby eyes because of the vibrant, colorful (and not too busy) illustrations and happy kid faces, great for toddlers because they’re familiarizing themselves with new foods, and great for older kids who like to help in the kitchen or are learning to read.

MORE: www.aperiodictableblog.com

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

It’s pretty adorable, because at the end of each book is a recipe using the food they saw while reading. And you know how kids books are; they really try to sneak in the learning, and this one is no exception. Kids not only get to learn a little bit about each fruit that goes into the fruit salad, but they practice their counting and color-identifying skills along the way.

MORE: www.aperiodictableblog.com

Life of Dad goes into the kitchen with Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad activity learning book

The Life of Dad Podcast

Kitchen Club Kids

Not only are you helping people eat healthier [through the Kitchen Club Kids recipe adventure book series], you’re helping kids learn in a fun way about numbers and colors and starting that foundation for everything from food preparation to appreciating the foods you eat. Ryan and I, and everyone here at Life of Dad appreciate what you’re doing to help kids and parents start eating better and healthier.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: www.lifeofdad.com

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

The fruit salad has some real pizzazz, and the story takes children on a food adventure, exploring each ingredient with colorful fun and rhyme, truly engaging the senses, and features a cheerful little pickle mascot, which adds a small element of surprise for the kids on each page turn. In my son’s case, it was awesome to see him reading this book for the first time, to find pleasure in the rhythm and rhyme of the story, and to explore a rich colorful array of fruits, many of which he had never known before. After reading End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad, both of our mouths were watering in anticipation, and my son asked if we could make one.

MORE: www.lifeofdad.com

PODCAST: www.lifeofdad.com

The objective is to create an experience for children in reading a fun story, planning a recipe out, making the recipe, and then enjoying a healthy snack! Sounds like a total win to me!

Creative Kid Snacks

One of the primary goals I have as a mom is to teach my kids to love eating healthy food.  The reason we share our creative and healthy snacks here is to give parents plenty of ideas on how to present a healthy meal in a FUN way. Kitchen Club Kidshas created an experience for children in reading a fun story, planning a recipe out, making the recipe, and then enjoying a healthy snack!  Sounds like a total win to me!

MORE: www.creativekidsnacks.com

The New Abides uses Kitchen Club Kids Garden Safari Vegetable Soup to make a tasty dinner and fun kitchen activity healthy kids

Chicago Now

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup was fun for Lilia to read, and it appealed to Franky’s new love of numbers. He had fun counting the food in the book and then counting our “real life” food. I really believe in the benefits of getting kids cooking at an early age. Kitchen Club Kids books are great reads for any family that wants to enhance math and reading skills while whipping up healthy meals in the kitchen.

MORE from THE NEW ABIDES: www.chicagonow.com

logo third time charm

Eating Local in the Lou

Another thing that makes me smile is the new End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad book.  The Kitchen Club Kids’ “word chefs” do a fantastic job of depicting healthy eating in a fun and educational manner. Rhyming, bright colors, eye-catching illustrations, and a hidden smiling pickle on each page make reading this book to young children an enjoyable experience.

MORE: www.eatinglocalinthelou.com


Teach Preschool

If you’ve ever attempted cooking with a large group of children, you will understand that it can be quite a daunting task but it isn’t one you should shy away from.  Our children always love the opportunity to create their own snack.  They are more eager to try a new food, when they have helped create it themselves…

MORE Cooking in the Classroom IDEAS: www.teachpreschool.org

The books starts off with a little girl pondering what comes at the end of a rainbow.  She believes that it is a big, beautiful bowl of colorful fruit salad.  The little girl and her brother (aka the Kitchen Club Kids) then proceed to show us how to make that big, beautiful bowl of fruit salad that she envisions.

MORE: www.teachpreschool.org

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.09.34 AM

Daily Dish Recipes

My 5 teenagers are mini chef’s in the kitchen and can cook up dinner in no time. So why would  I want a book designed for a child? I’m a former preschool teacher and while I’m not living that life anymore, I have recently realized I am not done teaching a little person….

MORE: www.dailydishrecipes.com

Growing Book by Book creates kitchen activities for preschoolers with Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Growing Book by Book

It’s a fun book for preschoolers who are learning about colors, counting and following directions.  The story introduces the reader to the ingredients used when making a  fruit salad.  Along the way, color words and numbers are emphasized.  The end of the book includes a recipe for rainbow fruit salad.

MORE: www.growingbookbybook.com


Healthy Hands Cooking

In the story, children follow along to engaging illustrations and rhymes, while learning to apply simple math, identify colors, and discover new and healthy foods.  The story ends with a recipe for making a healthy fruit salad – something ALL kids can enjoy participating in.

MORE: www.healthyhandscooking.com

Lone Home Ranger Reviews Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

The Lone Home Ranger

It’s an instant favorite! Charlie calls it her “pickle book” because of this little pickle who appears on every page dressed in a different hat or costume. Brilliant illustrating! Books that have a recurring character the kids can look for on every page keeps them engaged and makes reading fun.

MORE: www.lonehomeranger.com

Seeded at the Table makes End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad for a baby shower

Seeded at the Table

Judah and I had fun  following the recipe in the book and counting the fruit as we put together this fruit salad for Jessica and Maeve.  I love the little characters and illustrations on each page.  Super cheery and bright!  It’s such a fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and have them learning at the same time.

MORE: www.seededatthetable.com

Food Snob St. Louis reviews Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Food Snob STL

As a parent, amateur cook and food lover, I love products that peak Baby Snob’s interest in cooking and trying new foods. End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is the first in the series of books that takes children on a culinary tour that introduces them to healthy fruits and includes other skills such as counting, problem solving, and an introduction to preparing healthy foods.  The book is full of colorful and attractive illustrations that keep Baby Snob engaged in the story.

MORE: www.foodsnobstl.com

Rhubarb and Honey review Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad Counting Learning Numbers

Rhubarb and Honey

We loved the funny rhymes and the brightly colored illustrations of a myriad of fruits, some familiar (grapes) and some not so familiar (papaya). End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is great for children learning to count! And Ben especially loved searching for the “hidden pickle” on every other page.

MORE: www.rhubarbandhoney.com

Teeny Tiny Foodie reviews Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Tenny Tiny Foodie

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is the first in the series of books that takes children on a culinary tour that introduces them to healthy fruits and includes other skills such as counting, problem solving, and an introduction to preparing healthy foods.  The book is full of colorful and attractive illustrations that keep Baby Snob engaged in the story.


Veggie Kids reviews Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Veggie Kids

It’s certainly been proven that kids who help out in the kitchen have a much better diet and attitude towards healthy foods.  This book is a great example of that and the fun that can be had while  making a RAINBOW fruit salad!

MORE: www.veggie-kids.blogspot.com


A Sensible Momma

We went page by page, as I read the “rhymey-good-timey” story to her. The actual story is great at describing the fruit, such as how blueberries having little crowns because they’re the “king” of all the fruit. She pointed out all the details like colors, bowls, a knife, a spoon, and named the fruit she recognized. I love that the book also has fruit that she isn’t familiar with, like kiwi and papaya.

MORE: www.asensiblemomma.com

Sweet Peas & Pumpkins review giveaway Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Sweet Peas & Pumpkins

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is an adorable book about making a colorful fruit salad while teaching counting too.  It would be perfect for any parent or grandparent of a young child.

MORE: www.sweetpeasandpumpkins.com

The New Abides makes a healthy snack for kids with Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Chicago Now/The New Abides

I helped cut up the fruit, they scooped out papaya seeds and pulled grapes from their stems. Franky picked up the fruit with a big spoon and put it in the bowl. Their favorite part was doing some taste testing while we put everything together.

MORE from THE NEW ABIDES: www.chicagonow.com


The Bragging Mommy gets her picky eaters to try new fruits with Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

The Bragging Mommy

This book is super cute and introduces 9 different fruits that can be added to make a fruit salad. I really liked that my girls both wanted to sit down and read it together. Leah pointed out the numbers, fruits and different colors so that Charlotte would be able to understand. I also really liked that it has a big girl showing her baby brother the different fun fruits! Leah and Charlotte can completely relate to that.

MORE: www.thebraggingmommy.com

Bluum blog Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad book review healthy eating kids

Bluum Blog

Lots of bright colors, a few friendly faces, and one goofy pickle guide your toddler through a lively world of fruits and vegetables. End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is a perfect book to read any time of the day, though in our house it’s definitely a staple at mealtime!

MORE: www.bluum.com


Vicky and Jen

Real-Life Skills.  Problem-Solving.  Teachable Moments.  Family Traditions.  Nutrition.  Education.  Laughter.  Reading.  Bonding.  ALL SORTS of words pop up in my mind when I think of cooking with my kids. Plus, the incredible illustrations make me want to add “art project” to my list above!

MORE: www.vickyandjen.blogspot.com

STL Motherhood

“Parents love that the book broadens vocabulary. For my son, he didn’t know what a pickle was until he saw this book,” Eluka said. Don’t worry–there isn’t a pickle in the fruit salad, but there’s a cartoon pickle hiding on each page for kids to seek out. Mitch thought the pickle dude was pretty hilarious when we sat down to read the book.

MORE: www.stlmotherhood.com



Here is a little about the book: Ideal for early child development, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad uses the art of cooking, colorful illustrations and critical thinking lessons to make learning both educational and fun for kids. From counting and colors to food exploration and fun problem solving, this Kitchen Club Kids’ book gives parents a reason to start cooking and helping to establish healthy eating habits at a young age.

MORE: www.marketmommy.com

Have Sippy Will Travel

Both of my girls really liked counting to ten as we were cooking and being able to make something with all the wonderful fruits we were using. I think it’s a great way for parents and kids to spend even more positive time together.

MORE: www.havesippywilltravel.com


Shortcut Saver

Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad has colorful pictures inside and large numbers for kids to see. Each color and fruit were spelled out in the color it was suppose to be.  It also helps promote healthy eating habits for kids to follow. It tells you step by step how to make fruit salad. At the end of the book it shows you each fruit and how many there are with a large number. It also has the fruit salad recipe at the end.

MORE: www.shortcutsaver.com


Mom’s Own Words

Ideal for early child development, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad uses the art of cooking, colorful  illustrations and critical thinking lessons to make learning both educational and fun for kids. From counting and colors to food exploration and fun problem solving, this Kitchen Club Kids’ book gives parents a reason to start cooking and helping to establish healthy eating habits.

MORE: www.momsownwords.com


I’ve been on the prowl for ways to get them more interested and involved in cooking; our new favorite book is The End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad from Kitchen Club Kids.  They love it because it combines counting and colors into a fun and healthy food project.

MORE: www.skidmarking.com


Deals from Ms. Do

As you can tell from the pictures, our girl was more than happy to help out with making the fruit salad.  She was allowed to use a knife, plastic of course, for the first time.  It was hysterical watching her try to use it, but she thought she was big stuff!  She also used her plastic Funbites cutter to cut mango into perfect squares.

MORE: www.dealsfrommsdo.com

Crazy About My Bay-Bah

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is an adorable counting story that is more or less a step by step recipe for building the perfect fruit salad. The story is told by using all of the wonderful colors in the rainbow. It’s full of rhymes and great adjectives that will leave your mouth watering. At the end of the book you will find a recipe for making a fruit salad with your tot.

MORE: www.crazyaboutmybaybah.com