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Introducing Chef Martin Lopez

  “We are excited to have Chef Martin as an ambassador for Kitchen Club Kids. His expertise and flair are essential as we work to encourage parents to cook with their children and experience all the hands-on learning opportunities found in the kitchen. It is...

Chef Martin brings KCK to Taste STL

We are excited to announce a culinary partnership with the one-and-only Chef Martin Lopez, Professional Chef, Food Writer, Blogger and Culinary Journalist, Published Author, Culinary Ambassador for the Hispanic and Latin Community, TV Personality and Host.             To kickoff the partnership,...

Let’s Make Apple Pie!

  Over the Labor Day weekend we visited Eckert’s Farm for their annual AppleFest.   The boys had so much fun searching the trees for the perfect additions to our pie. Of course, we had to so some taste testing. Jonathan apples are fantastic. The Jonathan apple is a...





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We recommend Kitchen Club Kids books to home educators looking to incorporate meal planning, food preparation, and healthy eating into their young children’s curriculum. These books would blend in well with unit studies.The integration of shopping and cooking would help children build social and fine motor skills, too.” 

– iamhomeschooling.com (visit)



Robin Miller, Food Network, Chef, Author, Recipe Book

I adore everything about this book. It’s incredibly colorful, fun, educational, and it provides the ultimate bonding opportunity for parents of young children. I wish End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad was available when my boys were young.” 

– Robin Miller, Food Network Host and Best-Selling Cookbook Author



Chef Martin Lopez
Teaching kids how to cook healthy meals and helping them understand basic ingredients are the basis for a healthy lifestyle. These goals can be easily achieved with these beautiful books. I am impressed to see that Kitchen Club Kids even cover tropical fruits such as papaya – the ultimate Latin fruit!

Chef Martin Lopez, Professional Chef and Culinary Journalist, Culinary Ambassador for the Hispanic Community


As a retired reading teacher and principal, I realize how important it is to have quality reading for children. Your books are wonderful. What a fun way to get families involved in reading and group activities.

– Debbie Decker, Humane Society Foster Parent



Kitchen Club Kids, Nutritionist Approved, Dietitian Approved, Lori Post, LD, RDNThis book series provides a great foundation for establishing lifelong healthy eating habits while building math and reading skills. Teaching today’s children about the importance of making nutritious food choices is a vital component to growing a healthy body. The quality time parents invest in the kitchen with their kids to make these recipes is priceless!

– Lori Post, Licensed and Registered Dietician/Nutritionist






Slapdash Diaries

Slapdash Diaries

“What’s cute about these books is that they incorporate counting, healthy eating, and the cooking process,  written out in fun-to-read rhyme. We’ve seriously read Garden Safari Vegetable Soup and End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad every single day since receiving them.  I’ve heard Ella talking to herself about kiwi (“the flavor can’t be beat!”) And the other night she asked for seconds on veggies which has happened exactly….zero times before. Never. So my guess is we’ve got  Garden Safari to thank for that one!”

MORE: www.slapdashdiaries.com





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 Kitchen Club Kids, recipe storybooks, awards, children's books, award-winning children's books, cookbooks Kitchen Club Kids, recipe storybooks, awards, children's books, award-winning children's books, cookbooks